Thursday, January 31, 2013

V/A - Challenge: No Submission/Mercenary God/No Suicide LP

Here's a really cool 3-way split from Italy circa 1981, on Bootleg Records. I originally tracked this down for the NO SUBMISSION tracks after I found out they were pre- WAX HEROES, who released one of my favorite post punk/new wave EPs of all time! Luckily the rest of the material on here turned out to be stellar as well!

NO SUICIDE kicks this thing off with three offerings of infectious cold/minimal wave punk kinda stuff with female vocals in Italian. They don't seem to have any other releases as far as I can tell. MERCENARY GOD does 4 songs of 77 style KBD punk with distorted and jangly guitars, and snarling vocals in English. There's a 2004 reissue of a whole LP's worth of stuff called Burning Generation. NO SUBMISSION is the highlight on here for me, with their catchy upbeat punk and some post-punk moments. You may recognize their third track from the Killed By Death #201 D'Italia comp - it's got the same swaggering "d-beat" that the BUZZCOCKS did before DISCHARGE, hehe! All four of their tracks on here are just awesome and way ahead of their time. The vocalist/bassist has an especially unique singing style, just as is the case in his other incredible, and much darker band, WAX HEROES. Enjoy this rare Italian punk treat!

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