Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BREAKOUTS - Waiting For The Change/All We Wanna Do

Boy have I felt uninterested in updating this thing....
I have not decided to let it completely die, but I've been putting energy toward other projects at the moment. In the meantime enjoy this classic California single. "All We Wanna Do" gets stuck in my head for days!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Years ago a friend/co-worker of mine had this LP on a tape at the kitchen we worked at. I knew the cover of the record just from being such a rabid international punk information-seeker, and I recall asking him if it was any good, to which he replied, "yeah it's great!" I think we played it during a busy dinner rush or something and I don't remember being able to pay much attention at the time. Over the years it's been floating somewhere on my hypothetical want-list, but I just never really saw a copy for sale. Discogs sure has been quite a useful resource the last couple years, not only for information but for helping us track down those wild card records that probably mostly exist on another continent, all the while being able to avoid the deplorable Ebay. Discogs reminded me about this album, and, just like most modern online marketplaces, made it very easy for me to instantly purchase a copy without thinking about it for longer than 3 seconds. The result was definitely favorable. This is a solid LP of great Polish punk with a warm and full recording, passionate delivery, and variety of punk sounds. Not too hardcore, no metal, no reggae, no thrash - just catchy and driving punk (I know the cover makes it look like an Oi band or something, but it's not!)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Let's stay in Canada for another post for Calgary's BEYOND POSSESSION. This is their first EP before they went more metal. It's mostly catchy punk with snotty vocals, but some speed-picking, solos, and thrash elements are prominent on some songs. Somewhere between THE FARTZ and ACCUSED? They got tagged "skate punk" a lot due to their mentions in Thrasher, but this is more raging than most skate punk I've heard. Another often overlooked but awesome old EP. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


"We are not called DOWN SYNDROME because of a man named Down who founded the genetic disorder, if that were the case, we would be called DOWN’S SYNDROME. Rather, the meaning of our name is derived from the direct definitions of the words in reference to humanity’s condition. DOWN – to lower or worsen condition. SYNDROME – a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular abnormality.”

This, along with lyrics, itemized pressing info and costs for the record, and a peaceful/insightful anecdote by each band member is printed on the inner sleeve of this Edmonton-based hardcore punk band’s only vinyl output. Although Canadian, DOWN SYNDROME fits right in with the sound of many Euro hardcore bands of the era, combining melody, punchy drums, and anarcho-inspired lyrics. The mid-tempo tracks on this EP are great, but the faster songs really showcase the band’s power. “Values” is an eternal mix tape-worthy scorcher! One of my faves – super underrated.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Music Not Noize Mixtape Vol.1

Today I'm trying something new. You all generally know what to expect from my posts at this point, so I decided to throw you a curve ball and make you listen to a tape I just made. Making mix tapes is a timeless joy and important way that punk enthusiasts have connected over the years. It's always been a favorite pass time of mine - whether making something for a friend or just for myself, a sort of DJing to an audience of one in front of my stereo and documenting the process of how one song leads to another. Other times, as is the case with today's post, I've just accumulated way too many great new records in a short period of time and feel like a mix tape is the perfect way to give them attention and take a snapshot of that point in time. This particular mix tape sticks to no specific pattern or rule except for one stack of LPs and 7"s, and my own intuition. 60 minutes of pure upping-the-punx! 

1. LA MISMA - Guerras Silenciosas (ny, usa)
2. LA MISMA - Identifika Oxintimento (ny, usa)
3. PSYCHOTERROR - Terror (tallinn, estonia)
4. ANNUKKA - OTV (finland)
5. E.A.T.E.R. - Abort The System (karlstad, sweden)
6. E.A.T.E.R. - Onward (karlstad, sweden)
7. PEGGIO PUNX - Guerra (alessandria, italy)
8. MÜLLTÜTE - Reibung (berlin, germany)
9. MÜLLTÜTE - Keine Angst (berlin, germany)
10. 自我 (JIGA) - I Love Me (japan)
11. DEMOLITION - C-Spires (japan)
12. CRUDE - 血 汗 涙 (hakodate, japan)
13. SELFISH - Overcome (punkaharju, finalnd)
14. DAWN OF HUMANS - Head Process (ny, usa)
15. DICTADURA - Hartos De Todo (basque country, spain)
16. M.E.L.I. - Sin Patria (d.f., mexico)
17. PÄÄ KII - Paskahousun Paluu (finland)
18. DEATH LASER - Outcast (denmark)
19. MORNINGTON CRESCENT - I'm So Happy (holland)
20. BLUTTAT - Heaven's Door (germany)
21. WANDA'S - Second Part (holland)
22. STRESS - Άγχος (athens, greece)
23. STRESS - Στρατιώτης (athens, greece)
24. AUTONOMY - False Consciousness (carbondale, usa)
25. RAKTA - Secret (sao paulo, brazil)
26. DESENTERRADOS - Delirios (mallorca, spain)
27. SLOBODNA EUROPA - Stara Sladovna (bratislava, slovakia)
28. AUSBRUCH - Deutscher Eid (germany)