Saturday, February 1, 2014

Music Not Noize Mixtape Vol.1

Today I'm trying something new. You all generally know what to expect from my posts at this point, so I decided to throw you a curve ball and make you listen to a tape I just made. Making mix tapes is a timeless joy and important way that punk enthusiasts have connected over the years. It's always been a favorite pass time of mine - whether making something for a friend or just for myself, a sort of DJing to an audience of one in front of my stereo and documenting the process of how one song leads to another. Other times, as is the case with today's post, I've just accumulated way too many great new records in a short period of time and feel like a mix tape is the perfect way to give them attention and take a snapshot of that point in time. This particular mix tape sticks to no specific pattern or rule except for one stack of LPs and 7"s, and my own intuition. 60 minutes of pure upping-the-punx! 

1. LA MISMA - Guerras Silenciosas (ny, usa)
2. LA MISMA - Identifika Oxintimento (ny, usa)
3. PSYCHOTERROR - Terror (tallinn, estonia)
4. ANNUKKA - OTV (finland)
5. E.A.T.E.R. - Abort The System (karlstad, sweden)
6. E.A.T.E.R. - Onward (karlstad, sweden)
7. PEGGIO PUNX - Guerra (alessandria, italy)
8. MÜLLTÜTE - Reibung (berlin, germany)
9. MÜLLTÜTE - Keine Angst (berlin, germany)
10. 自我 (JIGA) - I Love Me (japan)
11. DEMOLITION - C-Spires (japan)
12. CRUDE - 血 汗 涙 (hakodate, japan)
13. SELFISH - Overcome (punkaharju, finalnd)
14. DAWN OF HUMANS - Head Process (ny, usa)
15. DICTADURA - Hartos De Todo (basque country, spain)
16. M.E.L.I. - Sin Patria (d.f., mexico)
17. PÄÄ KII - Paskahousun Paluu (finland)
18. DEATH LASER - Outcast (denmark)
19. MORNINGTON CRESCENT - I'm So Happy (holland)
20. BLUTTAT - Heaven's Door (germany)
21. WANDA'S - Second Part (holland)
22. STRESS - Άγχος (athens, greece)
23. STRESS - Στρατιώτης (athens, greece)
24. AUTONOMY - False Consciousness (carbondale, usa)
25. RAKTA - Secret (sao paulo, brazil)
26. DESENTERRADOS - Delirios (mallorca, spain)
27. SLOBODNA EUROPA - Stara Sladovna (bratislava, slovakia)
28. AUSBRUCH - Deutscher Eid (germany)


  1. You've really outdone yourself with this one. Bravo!

  2. nice comp good job ...psychoterror and dictadura are now stuck in my head... I must find there shit what is a good distro since it seems hardcore holocaust is out.

  3. Thanks! The Psychoterror track is from a comp of bands from countries all surrounding the Baltic sea called "Let them Eat Butterflies," from the Latvian label The Beard Is Weird. Dictadura is a great band from the Basque region of Spain - they released a solid LP in 2012 and have a new one in the works. My go-to record distros are Feral Ward, Havoc, Sorry State, and Velted Regnub!

  4. cool beans! I'm now surfing my sofa for loose change so I can start ordering again. Thank you for the info keep up the good work

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