Saturday, January 31, 2015

Flyerz Not Noize

While flipping through the mounds of flyers I've accumulated over the years, I realized they're not really doing anyone any good smushed between LPs on the shelf. I thought, why not start scannign and share with the world?? So I created a blog on Tumblr called Flyerz Not Noize. Check it. Music Not Noize is not don't, don't worry. Just starting new projects to keep things fresh. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

ŚMIERĆ KLINICZNA - A.s.p. / Jestem Ziarnkiem Piasku

If you ever get the record-digging bug in Warsaw I highly recommend making your way over to a store called Hey Joe. Its a stuffy and cramped space the size of a long narrow window display, and is packed with vinyl. It's a bit pricey, but you an find tons of European punk from the last couple decades - especially Eastern European and Balkan. We all dropped a fat stack of zloty! I was able to cross a couple records off my Polish punk wants, one of which was this cool second single from ŚMIERĆ KLINICZNA. This single sees them frantic and snotty, staying away from any notions of reggae. Complex drum work and a sax on "A.s.p." adds a jazz element to the basic punk structure and attitude. The flip is mostly straight-forward punk, but not forgetting to include some twists to set them apart from the rest. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

SKJIT-LARS - The Absolutely Last Shit 12" (one sided)

I hope you all don't hate me for not providing downloads for the "Random Shelf Pull" series. I needed a new format for posting without going through all the treacherous tasks of ripping files, scanning, photographing, resizing, etc. I know, "wah wah." I spent a little time ripping some records today to win you back...

I'm grateful for my sweet and thoughtful friends. Especially when they know my musical tastes well and go out of their way to gift me great rare records! This thing is limited to 100 copies and is a one-sided 12". Despite the fact that I find both of those details to be ridiculous and unfortunate, this record totally kills. If you're like me, you have only heard the disheveled and incoherent SKJIT-LARS track from the Welcome To 1984 compilation. This release shows the Norwegian punk wacko spurting forth 15 amazing, short, and catchy as fuck hardcore punk tracks, all recorded between 1981-1985. It's not so much in the tradition of the Norwegian bands you may be thinking of, but more akin to Swedish punk Gods MISSBRUKARNA. Bits of experimentation spice up the calamity but don't distract from the urgency. Many thanks to my friend Arndt for this! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Random Pull: HONEY BANE "You Can Be You" EP

It's easy to get distracted by how amazing "Girl On The Run" is, but this whole EP is so interesting and solid. "Porno Grows" relies on unconventional rhythms that almost have a Latino flair, topped off by piano tinkling and Honey Bane's youthful perspective of porn in London. We can all relate to "Boring Conversations" - pretty straight-forward. Essential CRASS release.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Random Shelf Pull - ARTICLES OF FAITH "In This Life" LP

I was inspired to do this by my friend Greg, who also does these great blogs - and - as well as drumming in SILENT ERA with me. He started playing every 7" on his shelf, beginning from the end of the alphabet, as an exercise to weed some stuff out, but is taking the time to write a little about each record along the way. It's a really cool project and I recommend you check it out here

Sometimes being an avid record collector/enthusiast makes it hard to choose what to listen to. I'm one of those freaks who requires music to be playing about 95% of the time I'm at home, and the wall of records sort of blurs my ability to choose what to play, so I often just select something at random and throw it on. This trick has produced an array of results, from rediscovering a long-forgotten classic, to a first time discovery of a brilliant record that got filed too early, to a record that I actually just don't like that much and is occupying precious space in our living room. OR, sometimes I simply throw the record on and walk off to go cook, clean, make the bed (which I'm pretty bad at remembering to do), and forget to pay attention to the sounds. What a waste, right? Waste of awesome sounds, I mean. So I'm borrowing Greg's idea of writing a little something about each random pull to engage more with my collection. That's what the vinyl record is all about right? 

First pull is the fucking brilliant second album from 1986 by the legendary Chicago-based ARTICLES OF FAITH. It's quite a bit more melodic and has a "softer" feel that their earlier works, but retains an extremely high level of intensity. I was 3 years old when In This Life was made, but I've done a lot of "research" over the years and it seems to me that this record is an incredible anomaly of its time. The arrangement and pulse of "Doesn't Have To Be That Way" is challenging and curious, but still manages to hook you in and make you believe it's totally natural. I hear pure honesty and intuition, which creates a sound that was a result of a special evolution and can't be copied. Few voices in punk can match Vic Bondi's. This is also one of the key punk LPs that reminds me how important melody is to me, and consistently pulls me away from the atonal and nihilistic end of the spectrum of punk/hardcore. I'd never let this one go!