Monday, January 19, 2015

ŚMIERĆ KLINICZNA - A.s.p. / Jestem Ziarnkiem Piasku

If you ever get the record-digging bug in Warsaw I highly recommend making your way over to a store called Hey Joe. Its a stuffy and cramped space the size of a long narrow window display, and is packed with vinyl. It's a bit pricey, but you an find tons of European punk from the last couple decades - especially Eastern European and Balkan. We all dropped a fat stack of zloty! I was able to cross a couple records off my Polish punk wants, one of which was this cool second single from ŚMIERĆ KLINICZNA. This single sees them frantic and snotty, staying away from any notions of reggae. Complex drum work and a sax on "A.s.p." adds a jazz element to the basic punk structure and attitude. The flip is mostly straight-forward punk, but not forgetting to include some twists to set them apart from the rest. 

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