Saturday, January 17, 2015

SKJIT-LARS - The Absolutely Last Shit 12" (one sided)

I hope you all don't hate me for not providing downloads for the "Random Shelf Pull" series. I needed a new format for posting without going through all the treacherous tasks of ripping files, scanning, photographing, resizing, etc. I know, "wah wah." I spent a little time ripping some records today to win you back...

I'm grateful for my sweet and thoughtful friends. Especially when they know my musical tastes well and go out of their way to gift me great rare records! This thing is limited to 100 copies and is a one-sided 12". Despite the fact that I find both of those details to be ridiculous and unfortunate, this record totally kills. If you're like me, you have only heard the disheveled and incoherent SKJIT-LARS track from the Welcome To 1984 compilation. This release shows the Norwegian punk wacko spurting forth 15 amazing, short, and catchy as fuck hardcore punk tracks, all recorded between 1981-1985. It's not so much in the tradition of the Norwegian bands you may be thinking of, but more akin to Swedish punk Gods MISSBRUKARNA. Bits of experimentation spice up the calamity but don't distract from the urgency. Many thanks to my friend Arndt for this! 

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