Thursday, August 29, 2013

SLAM - Tragedies!

SLAM was apparently considered the earliest of skate-punk bands in Sweden. This is the follow-up single to their great LP "Ingens Slav," and features two solid tracks of melodic and slightly dark mid-tempo punk. Side A is a regular mix-tape choice of mine, and may be the best song they ever released. Side B is a little weirder, considering the slower dirges employed as choruses, almost reaching heavy metal territory. Overall a winner in my book, and still easy to find at a cheap price compared to other Swedish punk records of the era!

Monday, August 26, 2013


Well I'm back from hiatus today with an interesting old Italian punk record. You can hear JUGGERNAUT playing aggressive and full-throttle hc punk on the Senza Tregua compilation - originally on BCT Tapes, later reissued on vinyl by a few labels (essential Italian punk!). But this LP shows other influences sneaking into JUGGERNAUT's frenetic and flanged out brand of punk. There are more straightforward moments on here bringing to mind melodic bands like ARTICLES OF FAITH or HUSKER DU, but tempered with a fair amount of psych and other rock influences. A bit too "jammy" on the 3+ minute tracks for my everyday musical digesting, but overal a cool record and an exhilarating must-hear for Italian punk diehards. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Today let's focus on a label - NE! Records is based out of Sweden, but has been reissuing some amazing material from '80s Yugoslavia for a few years. So many punk records coming out these days, many of them reissues, it's so overwhelming to decide what to buy right? Well, I've been consistently impressed with the material that NE! has been releasing, as well as the great care taken into account for the packaging. He's reissued classics like UBR, QUOD MASSACRE, and PARAF, but recently introduced some secret shockers from bands like GOLA JAJA (Croatian melodic punk, '84), KAOS (Croatian postpunk/synthpunk '79-'84), and DEFEKTNO EFEKTNI (Serbian dark postpunk '81). Make sure and also check out the interview I did with Habi, who runs NE! Records, in the new Maximum Rocknroll (Issue #364)!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So many copycats out there these days...but there are those diamonds in the rough, and when it comes to the goth/dark post-punk revival thing going on these days, PLEASURE LEFTISTS are leading the pack with their carefully chosen sounds and incredible song arrangements. Great and memorable singer to top it off. Members played in 9 SHOCKS TERROR (!), but expect nothing of the sort. See 'em on the West coast in September! 

Check out their 12" HERE!

Download their incredible single HERE!

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I actually discovered this one on the great Degenerik blog. PADKAROSDA is playing a unique hybrid of chorus-drenched dark punk and melodic hardcore at a galloping pace. The closest comparison I could suggest is SICKOIDS, but without the complexity. Some of these riffs get stuck in my head for days, and this band are actually doing their own thing. Interesting and blazing stuff, can't wait to hear more!

Check em out HERE!

Friday, August 16, 2013

PANDEMIA - Athens, Greece

Amazing dark and anthemic punk from Greece! They just released an LP you can check out from a link below, and there are a few demo versions of these tracks floating around on Youtube. There is an obvoious classic Greek punk vibe in their sound, mixed with some elements of UK anarcho bands like THE MOB, with bits of melodic K-town NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS sort of qualities thrown in. Sound good? Gonna be one of the best LPs of the year!

Check out the Πανδημία LP HERE!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hailing from the French Basque region, HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK are truly among the greatest hc bands in the world these days. So much angst and power emanates from their sound. Hardcore with soul. 2 blazing demos, a couple tracks from a comp called "Welcome To 2013" on the Not Normal Tapes label, and more on the way from these thrashers. Also check out the interview I did with these lovely folks in issue # 362 of Maximum Rocknroll

Download their demos HERE!

Sunday, August 11, 2013


I was recently on the committee for the upcoming international compilation LP that Maximum Rocknroll will be releasing. Our most arduous task was sitting through 4 or 5 three-hour sessions of submitted material blindly (no one, except the one person heading up the listening session, got to know who the band was!), and then vote on each track. Needless to say, it was agonizing at times, but a few new bands that I've never heard of really stood out to me (we got to know who the band is once the band was voted out or definitely not on the comp). My absolute favorite submission was a song by YLIVALLAN ORJAT, a newer Finnish punk band with an amazing woman vocalist. Totally basic, but charging and fast punk with huge melodic hooks, but as I already mentioned, the vocalist really pushes this stuff over the top. Their song got voted in by nearly every one on the committee, but then someone found the track on their bandcamp page, which disqualified them, because the songs had to be completely unreleased. Crazy internet huh? 

Check out said bandcamp HERE! "Kakara" is my jam!

Friday, August 9, 2013

MÜLLTÜTE - Berlin, Germany

From Berlin, I present a storming two-piece hardcore act. A demo tape and two EPs under their belt already and some compilation appearances on the horizon, MÜLLTÜTE is hopefully already be on your radar. If not, time to pay attention. Sharp and wild hardcore that will demand you to get up out of your seat. Every song is minimal, short, and to the point, but each with it's own hook. 

A link to their first EP HERE

A link to their demo HERE

Hi Arndt!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So I'm leaving for tour again today. This time we're flying out to Pittsburgh to pick up a van and equipment from a nice fellow and then hittin up a bunch of midwest/eastcoast/Canadian cities! Got a bunch of new self released LPs and lovingly printed tshirts for sale, so if you live in any of the following cities please come say hi!

THE NEW FLESH August tour:

8 - Pittsburgh, PA at The Shop with Tragedy, Enabler, Mower and Wrathcobra
9 - Columbus, OH at the Legion of Doom w/ Dreams in Hell and Gamma World
10 - Milwaukee, WI at Quarters w/ Techncolor Teeth, Holy Shit
11 - Minneapolis, MN at house of lard
12 - Chicago, IL at the Township w/ Daylight Robbery, Technicoplor Teeth, Warrior Tribes
13 - Toronto, CA at Parts and Labor w/ Sad Boys, Absolut, Ferang, Gaucho
14 -Ottawa, CA at Cafe Luneta w/ Bonnie Doon
15 - Montreal, CA at Land of Milk and Honey w/ Complications
16 - Boston, MA ---HELP HELP!!!---
17 - Worcester, MA at forbes st
18 - NYC, NY at the Acheron w/ survival
19- NYC, NY Lulu's with Membrane, The Guts
20 -Philadelphia, PA at the Millcreek Tavern w/ SGNLS

So, instead of being a total letdown to the few of you who actually look forward to my posts, I came up with a plan. I made a list of current bands that I've been jamming lately that I want to highlight, so I'm making some simple and quick posts to schedule throughout the days that I'm gone. Posts will be shorter and will include links to music from currently active bands, internationally of course, but not uploaded by me. But I assure you that the musical taste will fit right in line with your expectations of me! If you have keep checking back the next couple weeks!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Back to Mexico for an obscure punk masterpiece. I don't really know much about this band other than they had a few tape releases in the late 80's, and this LP was originally released by the band back in 1989. You could describe their sound as a dark and beautiful chaotic mess - most of the time each player is playing each part however they want, a bar or two off time from each other, and the woman singing pretty much does the same. But the magical thing is, despite the complete chaos, it comes off really intense and I can still bob my head and follow what's going on. Also SS-20 wins the contest for best and most unique cover version of "Now I Wanna Be Your Dog" in Spanish, over PARALISIS PERMANENTE (Spain) and NARCOSIS (Peru)! This is one of several copies I've seen popping up over the last couple years that seem to be exact reproductions of the original. Not sure who did it, but glad they did, cuz it looks and sounds great. Pure, raw, honest, and scrappy hardcore punk. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

MARICHUANA - 1993-1995 Cassette

I first learned of this incredible Lithuanian punk band from their EP released by Darbouka Records - the first release by the label. It has been my intention to post that 7" ever since I started this blog, but I recently got my hands on this cassette cheaply (thanks to the internet) since people apparently don't give a crap about seeking out amazing Lithuanian punk. This tape contains two demos from 1993 and 1995. Their sound can be characterized as raw but melodic punk, melancholic in tone and melody, but with a wild and expressive vocal style. His voice even sort of reminds me of Jello Biafra at times, but less grating. Even the music resembles DEAD KENNEDYS at times. There's even a track with an almost identical riff to "Too Drunk to Fuck!" But don't get me wrong here - DK's are the closest reference point in sound, but MARICHUANA is a strong band with their own sound. Most of the material straddles mid-tempo, but a few of the tracks are blazers. The second half of the tape has a few darker standout tracks with morose guitar lines, composed similarly to bands like THE WIPERS. My faves are "Tilto Kolapsas" and "Zingsnis Prazuti" - I've already added them to a mix tape. I don't have much knowledge about the Lithuanian punk scene from the early 90's (or any period for that matter), but most of the stuff I've heard varies in style; ie. there doesn't seem to be a common sound between the bands like there are with Polish or Japanese bands or something. This tape certainly does have me on the edge of my seat looking for more stuff like this from the region! Who's gonna help me out? Highest recommendation here, and make sure to sit down and really listen to this one.