Sunday, August 11, 2013


I was recently on the committee for the upcoming international compilation LP that Maximum Rocknroll will be releasing. Our most arduous task was sitting through 4 or 5 three-hour sessions of submitted material blindly (no one, except the one person heading up the listening session, got to know who the band was!), and then vote on each track. Needless to say, it was agonizing at times, but a few new bands that I've never heard of really stood out to me (we got to know who the band is once the band was voted out or definitely not on the comp). My absolute favorite submission was a song by YLIVALLAN ORJAT, a newer Finnish punk band with an amazing woman vocalist. Totally basic, but charging and fast punk with huge melodic hooks, but as I already mentioned, the vocalist really pushes this stuff over the top. Their song got voted in by nearly every one on the committee, but then someone found the track on their bandcamp page, which disqualified them, because the songs had to be completely unreleased. Crazy internet huh? 

Check out said bandcamp HERE! "Kakara" is my jam!


  1. That is a good jam now im hooked. sorry you had to listen to unreleased hardcore from around the world to be released on the next comp by MMR. Be optimistic i'm sure life will get better for you lol. Thanks again for sharing the music keep up the good work.

  2. Cheers says Ylivallan Orjat!!! new EP you can find here:

    hope you all like it !
    -elisabeth/ylivallan orjat