Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So I'm leaving for tour again today. This time we're flying out to Pittsburgh to pick up a van and equipment from a nice fellow and then hittin up a bunch of midwest/eastcoast/Canadian cities! Got a bunch of new self released LPs and lovingly printed tshirts for sale, so if you live in any of the following cities please come say hi!

THE NEW FLESH August tour:

8 - Pittsburgh, PA at The Shop with Tragedy, Enabler, Mower and Wrathcobra
9 - Columbus, OH at the Legion of Doom w/ Dreams in Hell and Gamma World
10 - Milwaukee, WI at Quarters w/ Techncolor Teeth, Holy Shit
11 - Minneapolis, MN at house of lard
12 - Chicago, IL at the Township w/ Daylight Robbery, Technicoplor Teeth, Warrior Tribes
13 - Toronto, CA at Parts and Labor w/ Sad Boys, Absolut, Ferang, Gaucho
14 -Ottawa, CA at Cafe Luneta w/ Bonnie Doon
15 - Montreal, CA at Land of Milk and Honey w/ Complications
16 - Boston, MA ---HELP HELP!!!---
17 - Worcester, MA at forbes st
18 - NYC, NY at the Acheron w/ survival
19- NYC, NY Lulu's with Membrane, The Guts
20 -Philadelphia, PA at the Millcreek Tavern w/ SGNLS

So, instead of being a total letdown to the few of you who actually look forward to my posts, I came up with a plan. I made a list of current bands that I've been jamming lately that I want to highlight, so I'm making some simple and quick posts to schedule throughout the days that I'm gone. Posts will be shorter and will include links to music from currently active bands, internationally of course, but not uploaded by me. But I assure you that the musical taste will fit right in line with your expectations of me! If you have keep checking back the next couple weeks!

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