Thursday, August 22, 2013


Today let's focus on a label - NE! Records is based out of Sweden, but has been reissuing some amazing material from '80s Yugoslavia for a few years. So many punk records coming out these days, many of them reissues, it's so overwhelming to decide what to buy right? Well, I've been consistently impressed with the material that NE! has been releasing, as well as the great care taken into account for the packaging. He's reissued classics like UBR, QUOD MASSACRE, and PARAF, but recently introduced some secret shockers from bands like GOLA JAJA (Croatian melodic punk, '84), KAOS (Croatian postpunk/synthpunk '79-'84), and DEFEKTNO EFEKTNI (Serbian dark postpunk '81). Make sure and also check out the interview I did with Habi, who runs NE! Records, in the new Maximum Rocknroll (Issue #364)!

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