Friday, August 2, 2013

MARICHUANA - 1993-1995 Cassette

I first learned of this incredible Lithuanian punk band from their EP released by Darbouka Records - the first release by the label. It has been my intention to post that 7" ever since I started this blog, but I recently got my hands on this cassette cheaply (thanks to the internet) since people apparently don't give a crap about seeking out amazing Lithuanian punk. This tape contains two demos from 1993 and 1995. Their sound can be characterized as raw but melodic punk, melancholic in tone and melody, but with a wild and expressive vocal style. His voice even sort of reminds me of Jello Biafra at times, but less grating. Even the music resembles DEAD KENNEDYS at times. There's even a track with an almost identical riff to "Too Drunk to Fuck!" But don't get me wrong here - DK's are the closest reference point in sound, but MARICHUANA is a strong band with their own sound. Most of the material straddles mid-tempo, but a few of the tracks are blazers. The second half of the tape has a few darker standout tracks with morose guitar lines, composed similarly to bands like THE WIPERS. My faves are "Tilto Kolapsas" and "Zingsnis Prazuti" - I've already added them to a mix tape. I don't have much knowledge about the Lithuanian punk scene from the early 90's (or any period for that matter), but most of the stuff I've heard varies in style; ie. there doesn't seem to be a common sound between the bands like there are with Polish or Japanese bands or something. This tape certainly does have me on the edge of my seat looking for more stuff like this from the region! Who's gonna help me out? Highest recommendation here, and make sure to sit down and really listen to this one.

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