Friday, December 12, 2014

ZARAMA ‎– Zaramaren Erdian / Gasteizko Gaua

When you're in Barcelona and you're desperately digging the bins, trying to turn up something exciting, you definitely pick up something that looks like this for 6 Euros. A few days prior, on our first entry to a record store of the whole trip, my travel-mates and I stumbled upon an original PARALISIS PERMANENTE Al Acto LP, ESKORBUTO Eskizofrenia 1987 LP pressing, DESORDEN Generacion Kaos LP, each for 12 euros or less. So I already had the record-scoring fever boiling through me and felt lucky. This ZARAMA single, from Discos Suicidas circa 1983, isn't particularly as exciting as the CODIGO NEUROTICO EP I'd hoped to find, but I knew nothing about it and it's actually a pretty cool discovery. "Zaramaren Erdian" is like an upbeat POLICE song fueled by power-pop-punk. The B side is a little more tame and ska influenced, but its catchiness actually makes it worthwhile for a flip every once an a while. The A side will be a new mix tape staple for sure.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

EA80 - Zweihundertzwei LP + 7"

I always liked EA80's tracks on Keine Experimente II and other compilations, but I only started really paying attention the last few years. They have a huge catalog of self-released albums dating back to 1982, and they're utterly impossible to find here in the states. I had a German friend make me an MP3 CD-R with like 6 EA80 albums while I was in Germany a few years ago, and it was just so dense that I couldn't dedicate the time to it, especially on that format. Ebay (tisk, I know) and Discogs have been useful resources for finding a few of their records, but they don't pop up that often and I'm not made of money. The more I discuss this band with German friends, the more they convince me that EA80 is one of the most important bands in the history of German punk, and I'm missing out on the brilliance of their lyrics because I don't know the language. Luckily this gem was reissued right before I come to Europe and it was fairly easy to grab a copy. The extra 7" is included in the download file. Simply unmatched, passionate, unique punk. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

VONBRIGDI - Ó, Reykjavík 12"

Along with the NAPALM AD 12", I've been jamming this the most out of all my new acquisitions. For those who don't know, VONBRIGDI is a great Icelandic post-punk band from the early 80s. They only released one LP and one 7" EP back then, had one unreleased session from 1982, and were featured on a few compilations. This 12" compiles 7 tracks in total, pulled from sources other than their 2 official vinyl releases, and it's all really raw and strong stuff. Rather than listing comparisons I would rather just urge everyone to not think and just download. This is undoubtedly some of the coolest punk from the time period. 

Friday, November 28, 2014


Back in 2012 our longing for more TOTALITÄR was satisfied by INSTITUTION's Domen Är Satt LP. Not that all those TOTALITÄR 7"s and LPs ever get old or played out, but it's exciting to get slapped with new material featuring members of the original band, especially when it just sounds so much like TOTALITÄR. So this year we were presented with the brilliant and succinct NAPALM A.D. 12". The only information actually on this record is that it was recorded in 2012, and Poffen's signature manic vocal style gives him away as the singer. I actually flipped right past this disc months ago at MRR headquarters while digging through the new arrivals because I had heard no news of it, and the cover didn't grab my attention. Once I found out what it was, it proved to be impossible to mailorder in the States. Luckily I had my feelers out for it in Europe and managed to grab it at the always dangerous Static Shock Records in Berlin. Fingers crossed that these TOTALITÄR-related projects will keep churning out more releases! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

KUD IDIJOTI - Hoćemo Cenzuru EP

Found this one at a cool shop in Nuremberg. KUD IDIJOTI formed in Yugoslavia (Croatia specifically) in '81, and this is their third EP of brilliant melodic, anthemic punk. I can hear that the band has already greatly expanded on the basic UK punk foundation by this point, and the Balkan flair is undeniable. All 3 songs contain at least one huge hook that will bore its way into your conscience without you even noticing - indication of some classic punk tracks. I've got my eye out for the first 2 EPs and Bolivia R'N'R'!

Friday, November 21, 2014

K.G.B. - Party-Sahne EP

Picked this EP up in Bielefeld at Bluesite Record Shop after an amazing hungover breakfast from Hannes and crew. His band GLOOM SLEEPER played their first show with us the night before to a packed room at the university. After the show we were directed to a bar where one of the local friendly punks fed us too many beers and delicious but destructive shots. Most people elsewhere in Germany acted surprised about our shining report of Bielefeld. Needless to say, I highly recommend stopping there on tour if you're playing in western Germany. 

On to the EP - I picked up K.G.B's (KEIN GRUND FÜR BERUHIGUNG) first album many years ago at one of my regular digging holes in Austin and I remember liking a few tracks on it, but there was too much "screwing around," or too many covers or something like that...I can't remember for sure. Party-Sahne was released in 1985 and is a perfect blend of classic Deutschpunk and melodic Swedish punk a la ASTA KASK. There are a few signature riffs, notably the dancey one on "Sekt Ist Kaltgestellt," that made this EP worth the 5 euro and repeated listens after the fact, even among the giant stack of records I brought home from Europe. Give it a try...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Vértigo - Demo Tape

I've been back from tour for almost two weeks now, I'm recovered from the jet-lag, and nearly recovered from the awful sickness that I believe was brought on by the jet-lag. Or was it just a continuation of the diarrhea I got the day before I flew back home?

Although I've neglected this blog for the majority of this year, I met a few folks over the course of my Euro travels that actually knew about MUSIC NOT NOIZE. And they wanted to talk to me about it! You can only imagine how reaffirming that was for me (and my ego), so here I am again, telling you all I'm going to try harder to do regular posts. 

I acquired tons of new music on my trip (thanks to the credit card), so I figured I'd share some of my favorite finds. To kick that off, I wanna shine some light on a newer band from Barcelona. We managed to check VERTIGO out a few days before our tour started. They opened for two really great bands from Berlin called LEVITATIONS and KENNY KENNY OH OH. Despite the guitars being pretty low and the bass being a bit loud, I was able to lock in on the vocal hooks and VERTIGO quickly swooped me off my feet. The demo exceeded my expectations, and I urge you all to give it a listen. The track "Vertigo" has a simply overwhelming feel to it, thanks to some thoughtful basslines and unbelievable vocal melodies. 

Yes, I realize it is not like me to simply direct you to a bandcamp page. In the past I always ripped and scanned my own releases. I will continue to do this in most cases. It makes more sense for me to direct you to online versions of current releases because: 
A. I don't have to spend all the time ripping/scanning stuff that probably sounds/looks better on their site. They've already done the work.
B. If possible, you can throw a few bucks their way to support them, because they're currently active and making an effort to reach out to you, the file downloader. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Catch Up Time

It's been quite a while, but I have good reasons for not doing blog posts! Lots going on over here, and I have plenty to show for it. Firstly, my band THE NEW FLESH made a new record that will be released soon on Deranged Records in North America and Sabotage Records in Germany. You can download/stream it here: The Absurd.

On Thursday we are flying to Barcelona to hang for a week and then we'll begin our 5 week Euro tour! Dates at the bottom...

I also have ANOTHER band that I've been working really hard on for about 2.5 years now, and we finally have our shit together and made an 8 song recording. You can download/stream SILENT ERA here. We're releasing it as a tape and our friend from Cut The Cord That Records in Germany is releasing it for Europe! 

Do. 25.09.2014 Barcelona - Can Batllò
Fr. 26.09.2014 Bermeo - Baleza Malandra Ateneo Kulturala
Sa. 27.09.2014 Montaigu - Le Zinor
So. 28.09.2014 Paris - La Mecanique Ondultatoire
Mo. 29.09.2014 Brest - Le Cafe De La Plage
Di. 30.09.2014 Antwerp - Music City
Mi. 01.10.2014 Bielefeld - Potemkin
Do. 02.10.2014 Bremen - Sielwallhaus
Fr. 03.10.2014 Hamburg - Störte
Sa. 04.10.2014 Copenhagen - Dödsmaskinen
So. 05.10.2014 Berlin - Beiruth
Mo. 06.10.2014 Leipzig -Zoro
Di. 07.10.2014 Warsaw - Ada Pulawska
Mi. 08.10.2014 Gdynia - Club Desdemona
Do. 09.10.2014 Krakov - Klub Piękny Pies
Fr. 10.10.2014 Brno - Vegalite
Sa. 11.10.2014 Vienna - EKH
So. 12.10.2014 Budapest - Művelődési Szint
Mo. 13.10.2014 Zagreb - Attack
Di. 14.10.2014 Belgrade - Inex Film
Mi. 15.10.2014 Skopje - tba
Do. 16.10.2014 Ioannina - Studio From The Down squat
Fr. 17.10.2014 Athens - tba
Sa. 18.10.2014 Thessaloniki - Biologica Squat
So. 19.10.2014 Sofia - tba
Mo. 20.10.2014 Szeged - tba
Di. 21.10.2014 Ljubiliana - tba
Mi. 22.10.2014 Munich - Sunny Red
Do. 23.10.2014 Nuremberg - Projekt 31
Fr. 24.10 2014 Milan - Cox 18
Sa. 25.10.2014 Florence - Max Pub
So. 26.10.2014 Giesen - AK 44
Mo. 27.10.2014 Tübingen - Epplehaus
Di. 28.10.2014 Grenoble - help! 
Mi. 29.10.2014 France - help!
Do. 30.10.2014 Zaragoza - Arrebato
Fr. 31.10.2014 Madrid - Rock Palace
Sa. 01.11.2014 Valencia - La Residencia

Monday, July 21, 2014

RUDIMENTARY PENI - Wilfred Owen: "The Chances"

Those who know me well know that RUDIMENTARY PENI is more than a favorite band, but more of a lifelong obsession. Their albums and EPs are not difficult to obtain, but it occurred to me that maybe this little song might be new to many PENI fans. Those of us lucky enough to have grabbed a copy of Nick Blinko's book The Haunted Head several years ago received a couple special treats. The book looks very nice and is...well let's say an "interesting" read, but along with it came a CD containing one new and previously unreleased song and a postcard with a page from the book, hand-written by Blinko himself. The song is pretty weird, and apparently taken from a piece written by Wilfred Owen "about the fortune of five British 'Tommies' during World War I." If you weren't one of the 200 or so successful book owners, here's a chance to check out this song. I've also scanned the hand-written card that came with my book.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Another blog-blast for my tape release of the newest PADKAROSDA album! I've gotten copies into some lovely US distros like Feral Ward, Sorry State, W-Tapes, Velted Regnub, and Discos MMM, but you can still order copies from me for $5 ppd each in the USA, or $2.75 each wholesale for distros/stores. PADKAROSDA is one of the most interesting punk bands around these days - the songs will both challenge you and burrow into your brain! If you're into this blog, you'll dig this! Currently limited to 100 copies, but I'll probably make 50 more copies to bring to Europe with me in September. 

Friday, July 18, 2014


Third EP (duh) from this San Francisco punk band. "Asexuality In The 80s" is the obvious hit, though this is a cleaner recording than the version on the SF Underground comp. Guitarist Michael Fox also played in SICK PLEASURE, and SF's greatest, CODE OF HONOR. Great early punk with anti-authoritarian lyrics, sung very clearly, and a persistently dance-able sound. Oh, and fucking raaaaare. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


So few posts lately, I know...low on steam for the blog. But since I'm feeling too tired to go out to see Funeral Cone play an Oakland basement tonight, I'm going to share this interesting Finnish EP with you. I've been hearing a trend of bands from Finland lately that are hardcore, but slip in a KILLING JOKE-esque or dark post-punk song in here and there - namely the awesome MAAILMANLOPPU, but the other day at MRR both the new RIISTETYT and VIVISEKTIO singles had such style represented. Turns out that bands were doing this in the 80s (off the top of my head KAAOS and APPENDIX) and then here's this sole release form MUSTA ROMANSSI. The EP kicks off with dark and droning "Argentiina," before launching into a series of thrashing hardcore tunes. I personally enjoy the first track the most, as much of the other material seems to borrow a little too much from thrash metal. "The Aim OF Religion" even employs the low pitch-shifter on the vocals to add a slightly more evil dynamic. Cheesy? Yeah, but obscure and interesting enough to be on a music blog. And I've almost forgotten the most important aspect of this EP: the cover art! Need more hair + makeup like this in hardcore.

Monday, July 7, 2014

PADKAROSDA tape release!

Against the advise of every punk label runner I've ever talked to, I've gone and started a label. It's called WAKE UP AND LIVE and my first release is out now!

You may have seen me blab about them on this blog in the past, but I'll say it again - Budapest's PADKAROSDA is one of the most exciting and unique sounding bands in punk these days. My sales pitch:

PADKAROSDA is a captivating punk band from Budapest, Hungary. They’ve released 2 digital albums through bandcamp, and this is the cassette release of their second album from 2013. During an era of countless punk/hardcore bands spinning off their own versions of stylistic trends, PADKAROSDA is a unique breath of fresh air. Urgency, passion, darkness, mania, and imagination burn through their sound. It’s a sort of concept album where they paint the picture of a “mysterious city” where the real problems of Hungarian society can be found: violence in the suburbs, disappointment, lethargy… “We describe it from an observer's or an outsider's viewpoint like a vision, but it's usually ambiguous, because it's an ironic enjoyment.” I feel a strong affinity for PADKAROSA’s artistic vision, and I’m eager to spread their exciting brand of punk across the U$A! First pressing of 100 DIY punk copies. Tapes dubbed with a pro duplicator, covers printed by Econo Press. Lyrics printed in Hungarian and translated to English.

Tapes are $5 post-paid in the USA. I'll be in Europe this fall with THE NEW FLESH and will bring some copies with me.

check out both of their brilliant albums here:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

MRR Radio #1407

Just did my second MRR radio show. Need some background noise? Check it out...

Friday, June 27, 2014

IT'S NOT FOR SALE - Nikdar Nazaj EP

Excellent dirty and melodic punk from Yugoslavia. Their sound reminds me of the classic Greek punk sound mixed with the rich guitar melodies of bands like HUSKER DU. This is their first EP from 1990, but according to Discogs they also did one other EP and two albums. The first track alone (the most HUSKER DU influenced one) is worth the download! Enjoy! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

TOTALITÄR - Allting Är På Låtsas EP

TOTALITÄR is one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time. Period. Words cannot describe how much I love this band. No matter what I'm into at any given time, I can always put on TOTALITÄR and commit to being 100% stoked. I've refrained from posting their records here because they seem to be pretty well covered on the internet, and I don't have much interest into putting energy toward posting easily accessible releases these days. This EP, although not being particularly old or special in any way, seems to be one of the most elusive TOTALITÄR records, so I've decided to share it. By claiming that it's not "special," I surely do not mean that it's boring or inferior in any way. It fucking destroys, and is in the top tier of their material, or any hardcore material from any period from any region, ever. For expanded analysis on the greatness of TOTALITÄR, see the "Post Postscript" toward the end of Golnar's review of the LÖGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN EP on the MRR site. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

6000 CRAZY / ANKER split EP

It's been forever since I've posted! Sorry!
Life has changed a lot. I live in a really cool house in Oakland with my awesome girlfriend now, and I got a part time job making ice cream! Life is good...

Anyhow, let's get back in the game with another release featuring Gunnar from SO MUCH HATE, SVART FRAMTID, etc. on vocals - this time years later in a Germany based band 6000 CRAZY. The style is very similar to SO MUCH HATE actually, except maybe a little less powerful in its delivery. ANKER were another German band with a sort of 90s melodic post-hc sound. I searched for this one for a long time before finding it at Blackwater Records in Portland earlier this year while touring up the West Coast. Now, back to the Honduras vs. Ecuador game...

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Quick post today, just for the sake of keeping this blog alive. Two for Germany's best covering each other's songs on this rare 7". More to come from both bands, someday...

Monday, May 5, 2014


I got my own regular radio show spot at MRR! Here's my first show flying solo...
I'm moving to Oakland soon and I'm looking for a job, so I may be too busy to post stuff for the rest of the month. I'll try to sneak one in here and there if I have time!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CAS PRAWDE - Last Hour Of Warning EP

Here's one I don't really know much about. There doesn't seem to be much talk about this record out there on the internet, and I find it to be pretty cool, so here it is! Decent upbeat punk from Holland circa '86, with their heart and intentions in the right place. Think other Dutch contemporaries like FRITES MODERN, FUNERAL ORATION, or GEPOPEL, but less HC and more UK punk influenced.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

SO MUCH HATE - A Day At The Station/Progress 7"

One of my objectives while on unemployment is to play guitar a lot, and maybe get really good. So the other day while listening to every band by one of my favorite guitar players, Børre Løvik (RIP), I decided a good exercise would be to sit down and play along with and learn all the guitar parts to the first SO MUCH HATE album. I got to the third song and thought, "yeah right!" and called it a day. Here's SO MUCH HATE's sole 7" from 1991, after they had been a band for 5 years. I love their first 3 LPs (and their fourth for that matter), but something about this single just gives off so much power. The riffs are extra dynamic and propulsive, and Gunnar's vocal delivery is even more vitriolic than normal. And the lyrics to "Progress" are so sadly foretelling of what has even  become even more of a punk/hardcore "mainstream rock'n'roll circus" since. On the last part, the guitar lead comes in as he exclaims, "but this has been my life / for so many years / and it's so sad to see / we're only feeding the lions..." Gives me chills every time. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Рок Фестивал - Мичурин '89 - Свят, Чудни Хора / Rock Festival - Michourin '89 - World, Wonderful People

Sticking to the motif of rare Eastern Euro records, I share here a rare compilation from Bulgaria. This is a live document of the second Michourin Rock festival in 1989. Released by the state run Balkanton label. World, Wonderful People captures various rock/punk/metal bands at a time when Western culture began to make it's way in to Bulgaria and influence the music. CONTROL= fast, driving punk with keyboards, KONKURENT=metal, ERA=thrash metal, AHAT=metal, with a singer that sounds like Bruce Dickinson!, ATLAS=new wave, NEW GENERATION=new wave, REVIEW=new wave. The live recording quality is superb, and the roaring crowd throughout the album really proves the enthusiasm people felt for new music at the time. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Here's a Slovenian punk treat! The five songs here are were recorded in 1986 and are a very unique blend of gloomy but fast punk with some experimentation with non-traditional rock instruments (notably an organ and some weird percussive stuff). CZD formed in 1984 and have existed in may capacities to this day, also in written word, video, political activism, etc. This 7" is particularly cool because it is accompanied by a sort of thesis/cultural analysis by a fellow named Rajko Muršič (professor at the Faculty Of Arts) called Punks In The Village. This was actually published as a book in 1995, and it appears that the whole text is included here, but I'm not positive. Anyhow, it's a very academic but fascinating look into punk and subcultures forming in small villages in Slovenia, and the effects it had regionally. I've included a portion of the text at the bottom.

Something must be stressed: rock subcultures have a lot in common with the way of functioning of tribal communities - rock concerts are a kind of a surrogate deep feeling (and identification) with the collective. The main theme in rock movements are diversities - not to be the equal to the surroundings is the currency of rock subcultures. Punk was a radicalisation of the rock subcultures: it was provocative, the behaviour or punks was always in opposition to their surroundings, their world was a kind of upside-down "normal" world. The punk pose was a pose of disobedience, their aesthetic and ethical values were a negation of the dominant rules, although punks were never really violent, dirty or asocial. Their whole pose (acting) and their lifestyle was itself a provocation. In Slovenia, the first punks appeared in the 1978 (the band Pankrti), and in the beginning they caused no reactions in the public. The only reactions came form the "older" rockers, who claimed that punk wasn't music at all. When punk became more and more popular, people slowly noticed the new phenomenon, but the individual reactions weren't too aggressive. Everything changed when the politicians and the R.S.A.'s forced a trial against a group of the so called Nazi-punks. In fact, all of the accused were later acquitted. The mass media (under government control) caused a kind of hysteria against the punks and repression became apparent (closing of the pubs and clubs, police oppression, even arrests...). By that time punk came to the villages near the border, too. The elements of pressure in the village Trate, a group of youngsters formed the Club, soon after they organised themselves in the village youth organisation (ZSMS - The Association of the Socialist Youth of Slovenia). The former was necessary, because to be organized politically was then the only possible way to legitimate other common youth activities... Once again, the whole punk pose was provocative: clothes, hair-dressing, speaking, music, dance, art... And, of course, in time it lost its sense. Punks grew up, society was democratised. Although some of them have families now, they are still pretty free-minded. Some of them play in one of the most interesting underground rock band, called CZD. Legitimisation through the success CZD's music is very innovative. It do[es] not come out form the local tradition, in fact, it transcends it. The group plays music, suitable for all the rock places in the world. It is still modern (no more punk) and attractive. But we can trace enough elements of the local characteristics in the activities of the band. The members of the band are as stubborn as the local population is, they are as rude as their surroundings are, and they work as hard as their parents do. Naturally, their career is absolutely different. Their music is part of a planetary popular culture."