Friday, November 21, 2014

K.G.B. - Party-Sahne EP

Picked this EP up in Bielefeld at Bluesite Record Shop after an amazing hungover breakfast from Hannes and crew. His band GLOOM SLEEPER played their first show with us the night before to a packed room at the university. After the show we were directed to a bar where one of the local friendly punks fed us too many beers and delicious but destructive shots. Most people elsewhere in Germany acted surprised about our shining report of Bielefeld. Needless to say, I highly recommend stopping there on tour if you're playing in western Germany. 

On to the EP - I picked up K.G.B's (KEIN GRUND FÜR BERUHIGUNG) first album many years ago at one of my regular digging holes in Austin and I remember liking a few tracks on it, but there was too much "screwing around," or too many covers or something like that...I can't remember for sure. Party-Sahne was released in 1985 and is a perfect blend of classic Deutschpunk and melodic Swedish punk a la ASTA KASK. There are a few signature riffs, notably the dancey one on "Sekt Ist Kaltgestellt," that made this EP worth the 5 euro and repeated listens after the fact, even among the giant stack of records I brought home from Europe. Give it a try...

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