Friday, December 12, 2014

ZARAMA ‎– Zaramaren Erdian / Gasteizko Gaua

When you're in Barcelona and you're desperately digging the bins, trying to turn up something exciting, you definitely pick up something that looks like this for 6 Euros. A few days prior, on our first entry to a record store of the whole trip, my travel-mates and I stumbled upon an original PARALISIS PERMANENTE Al Acto LP, ESKORBUTO Eskizofrenia 1987 LP pressing, DESORDEN Generacion Kaos LP, each for 12 euros or less. So I already had the record-scoring fever boiling through me and felt lucky. This ZARAMA single, from Discos Suicidas circa 1983, isn't particularly as exciting as the CODIGO NEUROTICO EP I'd hoped to find, but I knew nothing about it and it's actually a pretty cool discovery. "Zaramaren Erdian" is like an upbeat POLICE song fueled by power-pop-punk. The B side is a little more tame and ska influenced, but its catchiness actually makes it worthwhile for a flip every once an a while. The A side will be a new mix tape staple for sure.

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