Thursday, April 24, 2014

SO MUCH HATE - A Day At The Station/Progress 7"

One of my objectives while on unemployment is to play guitar a lot, and maybe get really good. So the other day while listening to every band by one of my favorite guitar players, Børre Løvik (RIP), I decided a good exercise would be to sit down and play along with and learn all the guitar parts to the first SO MUCH HATE album. I got to the third song and thought, "yeah right!" and called it a day. Here's SO MUCH HATE's sole 7" from 1991, after they had been a band for 5 years. I love their first 3 LPs (and their fourth for that matter), but something about this single just gives off so much power. The riffs are extra dynamic and propulsive, and Gunnar's vocal delivery is even more vitriolic than normal. And the lyrics to "Progress" are so sadly foretelling of what has even  become even more of a punk/hardcore "mainstream rock'n'roll circus" since. On the last part, the guitar lead comes in as he exclaims, "but this has been my life / for so many years / and it's so sad to see / we're only feeding the lions..." Gives me chills every time. 

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  1. My fav SMH record along with the debut, thanks!