Monday, July 7, 2014

PADKAROSDA tape release!

Against the advise of every punk label runner I've ever talked to, I've gone and started a label. It's called WAKE UP AND LIVE and my first release is out now!

You may have seen me blab about them on this blog in the past, but I'll say it again - Budapest's PADKAROSDA is one of the most exciting and unique sounding bands in punk these days. My sales pitch:

PADKAROSDA is a captivating punk band from Budapest, Hungary. They’ve released 2 digital albums through bandcamp, and this is the cassette release of their second album from 2013. During an era of countless punk/hardcore bands spinning off their own versions of stylistic trends, PADKAROSDA is a unique breath of fresh air. Urgency, passion, darkness, mania, and imagination burn through their sound. It’s a sort of concept album where they paint the picture of a “mysterious city” where the real problems of Hungarian society can be found: violence in the suburbs, disappointment, lethargy… “We describe it from an observer's or an outsider's viewpoint like a vision, but it's usually ambiguous, because it's an ironic enjoyment.” I feel a strong affinity for PADKAROSA’s artistic vision, and I’m eager to spread their exciting brand of punk across the U$A! First pressing of 100 DIY punk copies. Tapes dubbed with a pro duplicator, covers printed by Econo Press. Lyrics printed in Hungarian and translated to English.

Tapes are $5 post-paid in the USA. I'll be in Europe this fall with THE NEW FLESH and will bring some copies with me.

check out both of their brilliant albums here:


  1. Wow! I'm sold. What's the address to order one?

  2. hey mate, please fix the link for WildDevilRules, this Blog is dead, check my new one: