Tuesday, July 15, 2014


So few posts lately, I know...low on steam for the blog. But since I'm feeling too tired to go out to see Funeral Cone play an Oakland basement tonight, I'm going to share this interesting Finnish EP with you. I've been hearing a trend of bands from Finland lately that are hardcore, but slip in a KILLING JOKE-esque or dark post-punk song in here and there - namely the awesome MAAILMANLOPPU, but the other day at MRR both the new RIISTETYT and VIVISEKTIO singles had such style represented. Turns out that bands were doing this in the 80s (off the top of my head KAAOS and APPENDIX) and then here's this sole release form MUSTA ROMANSSI. The EP kicks off with dark and droning "Argentiina," before launching into a series of thrashing hardcore tunes. I personally enjoy the first track the most, as much of the other material seems to borrow a little too much from thrash metal. "The Aim OF Religion" even employs the low pitch-shifter on the vocals to add a slightly more evil dynamic. Cheesy? Yeah, but obscure and interesting enough to be on a music blog. And I've almost forgotten the most important aspect of this EP: the cover art! Need more hair + makeup like this in hardcore.

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  1. You're always posting good stuff
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