Sunday, June 22, 2014

TOTALITÄR - Allting Är På Låtsas EP

TOTALITÄR is one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time. Period. Words cannot describe how much I love this band. No matter what I'm into at any given time, I can always put on TOTALITÄR and commit to being 100% stoked. I've refrained from posting their records here because they seem to be pretty well covered on the internet, and I don't have much interest into putting energy toward posting easily accessible releases these days. This EP, although not being particularly old or special in any way, seems to be one of the most elusive TOTALITÄR records, so I've decided to share it. By claiming that it's not "special," I surely do not mean that it's boring or inferior in any way. It fucking destroys, and is in the top tier of their material, or any hardcore material from any period from any region, ever. For expanded analysis on the greatness of TOTALITÄR, see the "Post Postscript" toward the end of Golnar's review of the LÖGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN EP on the MRR site. 


  1. Hi man, since you are a good fan of the international scene, just wondering if you've heard of/come across the band PCP/Pro Christian Plague from Denmark? I remember reading a good review of their demo in a 1986 MRR issue.

  2. Nope, never heard it. What's it like? Do you have a link?

  3. No, since reading the review, ive been itching to hear it. From what i remember, they played punk/hardcore and had a female member. Guess they're pretty obscure, not even the guy who runs knew about them. Thanks anyway.