Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Let's stay in Canada for another post for Calgary's BEYOND POSSESSION. This is their first EP before they went more metal. It's mostly catchy punk with snotty vocals, but some speed-picking, solos, and thrash elements are prominent on some songs. Somewhere between THE FARTZ and ACCUSED? They got tagged "skate punk" a lot due to their mentions in Thrasher, but this is more raging than most skate punk I've heard. Another often overlooked but awesome old EP. 

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  1. Great band , I seen them in Santa Barbara with Dr Know when they were on tour supporting this ep . Wish I would had bought it but I got a shirt instead . Great blog you got here , heard of some of these bands but never heard them before , thanks for sharing . I do a blog Under The Red and Black Flag . It's pretty crappy looking ( I'm not to computer literate). I'm trying to post bands that people from other places most likely probably never heard of . Well thank you .