Saturday, January 19, 2013

STENGTE DØRER - Sangen Om Vår Vidunderlige Verden LP

For my pal Rémi in France, here's the killer first LP by Norwegian powerhouse STENGTE DØRER. Anyone who has known me for long enough knows of my intense enthusiasm for old Norwegian hardcore, so it should come as no surprise that these guys are one of my favorites. Featuring one of the greatest hardcore/punk guitarists in the world (also from SO MUCH HATE, BANNLYST, PSYKISK TERROR, CAPTAIN NOT RESPONSIBLE..), STENGTE DØRER retained many similar qualities to other Norwegian bands from the 80's, but with a little more rock (they cover THE SWEET) evolved into their sound. Their split with PROCES from '85 is way more punk sounding in the writing and production, but by no means did that element escape the band on here. More rock riffs and influences creep in in their next two subsequent LP's, but the foundation of STENGTE DØRER always remained political hardcore punk. 

Characterized by melodic guitar riffs, solid beats, creative arrangements, and throaty vocals, STENGTE DØRER were one of the more unique sounding bands from the region - even considering the already unique sound coming out of Norway in the 80's. I've always felt like this band was under-appreciated, at least these days. But I get the feeling that at the time they were all the rage in Europe. And as is the case with all of their releases, their artwork is really awesome! Mandatory Euro-hardcore!

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