Wednesday, January 2, 2013

LOS INVASORES - El Ejecutivo

This incredible four song EP was introduced to the limited masses by Inocencia Discos and Lengua Armada back in 2006. Recorded in the mid 80's, these tracks are a testament to the interesting second wave of rock that was occurring in Uruguay, after the fall of the dictatorship. According to the liner notes that accompany this EP, these tracks were recorded as a demo to submit to the main Uruguayan rock label, Orfeo. The label rejected the material due to it's anti-authoritarian lyrical content and aggressive style, but LOS INVASORES were not interested in toning down their stuff to meet the label's standards.  

Their sound can be described as aggressive, upbeat punk rock with a dark melodic sensibility. Just listen to the guitar line at the end of "Voy A Romper El Cerco" - brilliant, catchy, and dance-able stuff. 

Lyrics to "Voy A Rompar El Cerco" translated to English:

 I will penetrate your fake world / with all the lies and crime / that have been planned out.
I will destroy the barricades that have been made / I will tear you from my side.
I will destroy the divisions x4
You don't listen to the words anymore / They want to program us
we will drag ourselves and avoid / playing these games where stupidity rules all.
I will destroy the divisions x5


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  2. Glad to see their material was found & finally set to vinyl. Can't believe I missed this release, though. Nice post!


    Check Halo from Uruguay and the story about your EP

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