Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I originally planned to do a "show report" today with photos and reviews of the excellent show at The Swamp in Oakland on Saturday: SAD BOYS (Ny), DRAPETOMANIA (La), SADICOS (La), DESMADRE EN KRISIS (San Jose), DESTRUYE Y HUYE (La), & MIDNITE BRAIN (Bay Area). Whew! But once I pulled out my camera and it wouldn't power on, I realized that the damn battery was dead! So I said fuck it and decided to just enjoy myself. I will say that despite the usual careless disregard of respect/safety in and around the "pit," and idiotic intentional destruction of sections of the ceiling, it was an incredible show! 

The next best thing I can do (or maybe even the better thing in the first place) is post this essential DRAPETOMANIA EP, which was co-released by the band and my old pals at Todo Destruido earlier  this year. The three total bombers and one mid-tempo stomper easily put this thing in my top ten for the year (which will be posted here eventually). DRAPETOMANIA features a core of members of the active and inspiring Silenzio Statico camp from Los Angeles. In case you don't already know, Silenzio Statico has been releasing tapes, booking shows, screen printing, setting up events, and cranking out raging and authentic punk music for several years now, all in the radical DIY spirit. I've often spilled praise in the pages of MRR about how inspiring and awesome these folks are, and the high quality/honesty/passion that their endeavors exhibit. So here I am, once again, shamelessly endorsing these ponx - go check their site for info on events and ordering stuff, and support them and check out their bands when they come to your town (they're working their way up the West Coast right now with SAD BOYS!!!)

Oh and in case you don't know what Drapetomania means (I didn't), here's an explanation from Wikipedia:
"Drapetomania was a supposed mental illness described by American physician Samuel A. Cartwright in 1851 that caused black slaves to flee captivity."


  1. Have some footage of Destruye Y Huye from the Swamp on 1.5.2013:


  2. This EP is great. You should also try uploading their 2nd cassette release "Cabesas De Odio".