Sunday, January 20, 2013

NOVI CVETYA - 83 98 Cassette

I'm a complete sucker for rare Eastern European punk.Today's completely deranged post may be a test of patience for most of you - i.e. a must for 'exotic punk' fans, and a maybe for everyone else. If you dig the GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA post I did a couple weeks ago then you should definitely download this, because it has a similar style in vocals and melody. The cassette is obviously a 327th generation copy of a copy of a copy, and suffers in quality, but hey what the fuck do you expect from some obscure artifact from the tape trading circles in Bulgaria in the 80's-90's? So if you can't hang with it, just skip to tracks 16-20 when the recording is much fuller and you can hear the drums and stuff - it evolves into super catchy punk with some hints of UK 80's anarcho sound, and an added female vocalist for an extra dynamic.  

There's absolutely no info in this tape or in my "Discography of Eastern European Punk Music 1977-1999" book by Luk Haas, (oh, you don't have one of those?? --->, but I do have a NOVI CVETYA reissue 7" that has a short history of the band:

"The band was made of a bunch of kids, that heard some punk stuff on the Yugoslavian radio and decided to become 'punks'...back in 1979. They made their own instruments, recorded demos in their summer kitchen, using simple reel to reel recorder.
With the 'perestroika' they became more famous, did their first official gigs and even got an alarm clock as a prize! It was 1987...
The early 90s brought more fans, more concerts and then one day it all faded away, as after all they had to take care of their families, to work know...
In 2004 'Radiation 1978-1995' was released, a sort of collection of tracks that never made it on vinyl or cd, until then. In February 2007 they released the new album 'Zemen Rai' (The Earthly Paradise) also including some of their old tracks."


  1. Super, thanks! Needed this for my punk radio show. Looking forward to listening.


  2. The link is for "New Flower" Record a Russian band, not New flowers from Bulgaria

  3. Wow really? Do you have any more info on the Russian band "New Flower"? There's nothing with the tape other than what i scanned here. I would love to know more! Thanks for the comment

  4. Это и есть группа "Гражданская Оборона", альбом 1990 - Инструкция по выживанию.