Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Today I present you with a pretty scarce but excellent 80's hardcore/punk compilation that I finally got to cross off of my want list last month, thanks to a friend who had an extra copy. Double A Records outta Germany did this one in 1986, and it features mostly European bands and a couple from North America. A few classic no-brainers, and a few more obscure names make this LP a fun listen, and essential for 80's euro-hc fanatics (like myself). 

Here's the run down:
2 tracks by PSYKISK TERROR from Norway, who only seem to have ever released stuff on comps. These are the best that I've heard from them - POISON IDEA mixed with classic Norwegian hardcore, considering that they had the incredible guitarist Børre Løvik (rip) of BANNLYST, SO MUCH HATE, and STENGTE DORER // California's DETONATORS offer up a couple great hardcore tracks with such great, wet sounding distorted guitars // MOSKWA with two rippers of their excellent, thrashy Polish hardcore // INSTIGATORS with their signature anarcho-meets-aggressive melodic punk from England (I always disliked their second singer though) // One ANGOR WAT track, Norway's very own unique and tense anarcho punk band // Vancouver's BLUE MARBELLAS do one raw and lazy punk tune with a catchy chorus // ZSD from W. Germany doing one tolerable reggae track and one much better rockin' punk jam - BILLY & THE WILLIES also from Germany, do a strange creepy hc song // then more German punk by SONS OF SADISM, more in the classic Deutschpunk traditon // A crossover thrash offering by masters of the style, CONCRETE SOX, from Nottingham // An energetic USHC flavored track by Germany's SKEEZICKS // And then there's a track credited to "EXXX" that I can only conclude is EA80 by their instantly recognizable sound. Beats me why they remained elusive on here. My copy doesn't have an insert, maybe the answer is in there?

Fyi - the last track, "Hvit Natt" by PSYKISK TERROR, slows down toward the end on the actual record, not sure why - AND this song is played by BANNLYST on their awesome live LP released by my pal Flo from Norwegian Leather.

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