Thursday, January 10, 2013

GULAG - Big Talk EP

Today I'm posting a 7" by my favorite Greek punk band! GULAG, or Γκούλαγκ, is from Thessaloniki and played a unique style of melodic punk. This is their second release from 1989 on the Hamburg/New York label Wreck-Age, and it's a great introduction to the band if you've never heard them. This recording features two songs that were on their first 12" from 1987 (which I almost posted today but I'm having problems with my camera, and my scanner is only big enough for 7"s and tapes), two from their first LP from 1990, and one track exclusive to this 7". This one defines my taste almost to a 'T' and comes with my highest recommendation. I'm feeling kinda gloomy and glum tonight as I write this, so I'm just gonna keep it short and soak in these dark, moody, angst-ridden Greek tunes and let the music speak for itself...and eat crackers and cheese...Seriously though, don't skip over this one, and there will be more rare Greek stuff to come in the future!  


  1. some info : (photos) (greek lyrics)