Sunday, January 13, 2013



From BSN.....and on to BSA! Nothing obscure here, but no less effective in the blistering Latino hardcore department. BASTARD SONS OF APOCALYPSE formed in south Texas (Rio Grande Valley) in the early 00's and I started seeing them appearing on bills in Austin, where I lived, in maybe 2003 or'04? Can't remember for sure, but after a promising demo, they released this monster debut D-Beat platter on the now well known 540 Records. I became quite close to these guys - I toured with them twice, once to the east coast and once through Mexico, and later played in a few bands with the singer, Eddie, who now plays in CRIATURAS and runs a cool label/distro called Todo Destruido. BSA's drummer, Omar, now plays in PORKERIA and does a label called Adelante, for whom I can't find a link. Not sure what the other folks are up to these days, but I've probably seen this band more times than I've seen any other band, and I have many fond and chaotic memories of them! 

BSA also released another EP on Distort Reality, a great split with Chi-town hardcore punk stalwarts SIN ORDEN on my buddy Manolo's Desobediencia Records, and their massive "Strangled By the System" LP - co-released by Todo Destruido and Adelante

I should also mention that this EP and the self titled one were recorded by my dear friend Stan Wright, whose recording operations are much more stable these days at his studio in Portland, Buzz or Howl. I still haven't made it up there to visit and see the new setup, but any punk bands located on the west coast, or bands planning to come the west coast that want to record, Stan's your man! 


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