Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I pulled this EP out of the dollar bin at 1234 Go! Records store in Oakland a couple months ago. As far as many important things in my life are concerned, my memory is often unreliable, but as for information about punk records/bands? There seems to be a special compartment in my brain that is designated specifically for retaining this type of punk information, and when I saw FARCICAL's name on this 7", that part of my brain revealed to me that I knew there was some relation to the kings of eclectic Swedish hardcore, G-ANX. That's worth a dollar for further investigation to me...

So I got it back to my loving partner's house, threw it on the turntable, and if you've listened to G-ANX as many times as I have, it's pretty evident that FARCICAL shares a drummer and bass player with them - quite possibly the guitar player too. They dish out 2 unconventional tracks of bleak hardcore with weird parts, much on the vein of G-ANX, but in my opinion, not quite as convincing as G-ANX did. But okay, cool. Flip it over...I hadn't even considered the band on the other side. I may not have even realized it was a split when I bought it. Guess what happened? Sweden's FATAL FEMALES came through as the score of the find! The first track, "Life," creeps in with a rather generic and slow bass line, but wait like 15 seconds and the guitar darkens it up a little, and then after everything kicks in it's a full on noisy + melodic + dark + tupa-tupa beat with awesome controlled female vocal attack! If you are familiar with TOZIBABE, they are a great reference point. Then the next two tracks are driving mid tempo tracks much more akin to 80's UK anarcho like LOST CHERREES or DIRT, with a laid back but great and catchy vocal delivery that for some reason reminds me of NOG WATT. See, with all these awesome and unique band names in ALL CAPS screaming out on the page, I've certainly lured more of you to read about this and hopefully download it, cuz this band was AWESOME! Well, I could see many people finding it boring, but it's the sort of sound I tend to get really excited about, and I'd like more info on FATAL FEMALES if anyone has it?? A long lost demo or something maybe? Oh, and those comparisons I made - I do truthfully stand by them. 


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