Tuesday, January 22, 2013

INSTIGATORS ‎– The Blood Is On Your Hands EP

My pal over at TERMINAL ESCAPE made the comment in his INSTIGATORS post the other day that their "first EP and full length are mandatory listening." I agreed so much that it inspired me to rip "The Blood Is On Your Hands" onto the laptop so I could play it on my ipod while I'm at work (where I make very naughty things), and of course, so I could share it with all of you.

I've spent much of my music-nerding life on the old UK anarcho stuff, and I must declare this as some of the best material of that era. INSTIGATORS have the same aim and intention in melody and ideology as many of their contemporaries like SUBHUMANS, ZOUNDS, ICONS OF FILTH etc., but combine melody, driving rhythms, and sharp vocals that really stand out - sung up front in a high register with lots of conviction. The riffs and overall production are darker on this EP than their subsequent brilliant "Nobody Listens Anymore" LP. If you dig the early 80's UK anarcho stuff, this is a must. Released by Bluurg Records in 1984.

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