Monday, January 21, 2013

GULAG - Είσοδος Κινδύνου 0° C

Here's the debut record of Thessaloniki's GULAG. This 12"shows the band young and unrefined, before they became a little more upbeat and aggressive. However, the great melodies and eloquence are already there, and it's certainly right in line with other classic Greek punk stuff such as GENIA TOU XAOUS and EX-HUMANS - melodic, thoughtful, and unique, including some post-punk elements, while tense and spacious in sound. This record was actually my introduction to the band. I was on tour and a friend pulled this cheaply out of the bins at Amoeba in San Francisco - I don't even know if he knew the band, but it was a neat find, and a couple hot Texas summers later he sold it to me for taco money! Accompanying the record is a nice foldout poster and an extra English insert with translated lyrics and explanations of the photos used in the layout!

Two of these tracks were re-recorded for the previously posted "Big Talk" EP. The other four are exclusive to this release. I love the cover art on this 12"....hope you enjoy the sounds!

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