Friday, January 25, 2013


My gorgeous partner organized a surprise party for my birthday last night and we were out late drinking and playing shuffleboard (it's actually fun, not as lame as it sounds). As a result I've got a pounding headache and  I'm playing hooky for half of the day. I was not gonna bother with this blog today, but why not just throw something up really quick right? That's usually not my style - I like writing a bit about the music/band that I'm posting, but I really have no info about this 7", so I don't have to say much! 

All I can tell you about this is I ordered it from a distro several years ago because it said it was from Norway, and it turned out to be pretty cool. There's dual male/female singing, punk, hardcore, and some experimenting with other styles too. "Kjønnsyksommer" is a really diverse and catchy tune that sounds like a mix between 00's Kick n Punch stuff and...I dunno...JOYCE MCKINNEY EXPERIENCE? Like if GORILLA ANGREB was angrier and weirder? Yeah, so don't overlook this one just cuz I don't know anything about it - it exhibits a lot of originality!

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  1. This band actually has dual female vocals with some male back up vocals. The guitarist on this record is Kenneth from 2:20, now in Knuste Ruter (I think...they had four different guitarists in four years). Nina (the male sounding one) went on to a short lived band with Børre and Kenneth. Cant remember how many songs they made. I think maybe Knuste Ruter used the songs later, but I can't remember. Cecilie (the female sounding one) moved to Germany and played in Pestfest, and is now in Sort of Sober. Eddie (the drummer) and Inge (the bassist) played in Angstsemblet afterwards.