Friday, January 11, 2013

OSCURO LUGAR - Alguien Muere EP

Still feeling gloomy and doomy here - maybe it's the cold weather, among other I'm darkening things up a bit with a 7" from OSCURO LUGAR, from Colombia. Released by the wonderful Darbouka Records, this is quite a departure from anything I've heard out of Medellin. "Alguien Muere" is a relatively lo-fi track driven by a steady light drum machine, clean flanged guitar draped over the background, a harsher distorted one jabbing toward the front, and classic reverbed gothy vocals not unlike Ian Curtis or Peter Murphy, but in Español. "Paso Doble" is a creepy instrumental with a marching snare beat, a punchy synth, and textured guitar lines. "Los Males Revelan" kicks it up to hi-fi range with the drum machine, and is more synth/vocal driven. I can't find any info on this band - I don't even have a clue when this was recorded. It sounds like it could be old, but judging by the releasing patterns of the label, it's probably not. If early CURE and SISTERS OF MERCY get you moving, download this for sure. 


  1. Digging it. For my 'Around the World In 27 Bands', for Colombia i'm putting on BSN aka Bastardos Sin Nombres. Do ya know them? Total raw punk madness!!

  2. Yeah! Great Colombian hc punk! There's a cool documentary about the early Colombian hc/punk scene in Medellin -