Friday, February 1, 2013

ANTI TODO - Nadie Salva Esto Demo 1999 CD-R

Let's kick off February with punk as fuck from Medellin, Colombia. Don't let the pixelated art or the fact that this is a CD-R deter you. Expect nothing but catchy, raw, pogo-able political punk in Español. According to their Myspace page, ANTI TODO formed in 1987, went into hiatus 1991, reformed in 1995 but apparently didn't release anything until this demo in 1999! 

ANTI TODO's rudimentary punk blasts combine simple 1-2-1-2 beats, 3 chord riffs, nods to street punk and oi, and interesting unexpected hooks worked into the songwriting. The recording is raw, but tuneful, not like this noisy nonsense you kids can't get enough of these days. This material is in the vein of classic Colombian acts like I.R.A and BSN, as much as current bands like RAYOS X. This is a mandatory download for fans of punk/hardcore in Spanish!

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