Sunday, February 10, 2013

FLYKTPLAN - Unreleased Recording

Sometime in the mid-00's my friend Stan came back from Europe with lots of great stories and a few new band recommendations. This one was so excellent that I had to make sure and tape it from the CD-R the band had given him. FLYKTPLAN was from Malmö and featured folks from SKITKIDS, DISCO VOLANTE, KONTROVERS, and if my memory serves me right, SATANIC SURFERS. So sad these nine solid hardcore punk tracks never got properly released, because this is some dynamic and raging shit. The woman that sings has an incredible vocal quality exhibiting equal parts throat shredding and tunefullness. The pummeling drumbeats and straight-forward guitar riffs are accented by careful but natural breaks and rhythmic tricks to always keep you intrigued. It's full of those little "magic parts" that you learn to anticipate each time you listen. Hardcore full of hooks. One of those recordings where it's hard to stay seated while listening. Certainly one of the secret best bands from the last decade - do not ignore this amazing treasure!

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