Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Polish H-C - Abaddon/Rejestracja Cassette

Two anchors of the 80's Polish hardcore scene on one tape. The ABADDON tracks are recorded live in Poznan in 1985, and sound pretty decent for a live recording. There are only 11 songs listed on the tracklist, but I hear 13. The REJESTRACJA stuff seems to be from some rehearsal session from 1983. Really strong, catchy, fast hardcore with solid drumming and great guitar riffs - but playing with some interesting post-punk elements at times, such as in the song "Armaments Race." REJESTRACJA never did a record, but you may recognize some of these tracks if you've heard the "Tribute To Rejestracja" LP from 2000, featuring members of well know Polish punk bands playing REJESTRAJCA tunes. I also have another REJESTRACJA demo with different material that I will post...eventually. Essential for Polish punk fans. 

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  1. Great, been looking for this one for ages, Thanks!