Monday, February 11, 2013

SOFA HEAD - Pre Marital Yodelling LP

SOFA HEAD formed from the ashes of the also awesome melodic punk band DAN. This is their first and best LP released by the awesome UK label Meantime Records, while the USA pressing was the first release on Profane Existence. I love the melodic instrumentation on this LP, especially the guitar playing, as well as the craftily sung female vocal attack, making every second of this record sound urgent and infectious. The recording is very strange and bass-y, but I've gotten accustomed to it over time, to the point that it even adds to the charm of the record. There's a great crop of what I like to call "late 80's post-anarcho bands" from the UK like this that I've always really enjoyed such as THE JOYCE MCKINNEY EXPERIENCE, DAN, F.U.A.L., SNUFF, H.D.Q., and probably some others. There are a couple goofy songs on here where they seem to be toying with hip-hop or something, but the good outweighs the bad as far as I'm concerned. Also, the drummer from this went on to join LEATHERFACE. Anyhow, if you love fast melodic punk like me, you need this. 


  1. Hey, this link went dead pretty much as soon as it was posted. Any chance you could re-post?


  2. Thanks for the heads up, I've added a new link.

  3. would there be any chance of a re-upload please as the link is dead.
    Thanks in advance