Saturday, February 16, 2013

I.R.A. ‎– Atentado Terrorista EP

Raging political hardcore punk from Colombia. Among such a killer crop of bands from this era - I.R.A. was  one of the best (and still play, but with only one original member I believe). This is their second EP, and it originally came out in 1990, but this version and the green cover version were pressed in 1995 (thanks Discogs). This is some energetic, lively hardcore with equal parts teeth and heart. Not to be missed. 


  1. I've fixed the download link on this one.

  2. Whats the deal with those 2 inserts? My copy came with just that one in the middle.

  3. Mine actually has 3 - the top and bottom images are from both sides of the lyric sheet. The third insert (the one I didn't scan, I have no idea why) is the same image and similar layout to the middle scan, but is in Spanish, and seems to be addressing more of their local followers, while the one I posted is clearly intended for an international crowd.