Thursday, February 21, 2013

AUSSCHWITSS - Απειλή / Χαμένο Κορμί EP

Recently reissued by ειρκτή, AUSSCHWITSS was a dark synthy post punk band from Greece. According to the Greek punk discography feature in the new issue of Mountza zine, they formed in 1981 and released a demo in 1982, which I assume these couple tracks were culled from. Oh, and they were 15 years old! Amazing! Side A opens with a chilling keyboard/bass intro that leads into an upbeat but still brooding tune, akin to early CURE. The B side is in the same style and same pace, but maybe not quite as strong and infectious as the first track. Being a huge fan of  80's Greek punk and dark post punk, this record is a big fat tease, and keeps me wondering if there's more recorded AUSSCHWITSS stuff out there! 

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