Thursday, February 28, 2013

TZN XENNA - Ciemny Pokój CD

Here's a great collection of classic Polish punk from TZN XENNA. Polish punk aficionados will recall their great 1985 single on Tonpress and their killer tracks on the essential "Jak Punk to Punk" comp LP. This collection was originally released as a cassette in 1995, but here's the Cd version from Pop Noise released in 2000 , and including bonus tracks. If you aren't already familiar with TZN XENNA, expect straight forward and upbeat hook-laden punk that will demand you to sing along - whether you know Polish or not. The first 4 tracks are mid-to-low quality demo recordings, then we get 7 offerings from a live set, with an also less-than-desirable recording quality. When I got this, I'll admit I was a bit disappointed up to this point with all the sub-par live recordings. But then when "Guma" kicks in, we're back to a great sounding recording (i think it's live, but would definitely be considered up to standard for a vinyl release!), and a bunch of spunky tracks I had never heard before! More assorted live/demo tracks follow, and the songs speed up and become more aggressive and interesting as you advance through the rest of the CD. 

I prefer Cd collections to begin with strongest/best recorded material, and then have the worse quality stuff at the end. If you're like me, I can understand your loss of interest as you download this and check out the first few tracks, but trust me! Skip to "Guma" and you are in for a solid album's worth of top notch Polish punk treasures. Na zdrowie!

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