Friday, March 1, 2013

SCHLIESSMUSKEL - Komm, Setz Dich Zu Uns EP

I noticed I hadn't posted any German punk yet, which is ridiculous! Too much focus on the obscure places I suppose (if there can be too much?). I'm correcting this with the debut EP from SCHLIESSMUSKEL today. The great Wild Devil Rules blog posted a couple LP's by them a while back, and said that they were considered to be a "fun punk" band. Not a term I'm familiar with, but I can hear it a bit on here in the music and see it on the band photos. I really like the mix of melody and speed on this one. A few of the tracks are blistering fast, with that snare right up front in the mix just cracking away at my skull, while remaining tuneful and catchy...and, well, fun, yeah!! This was the fourth release from the classic We Bite label, and the year was 1986. Fun punk - tear up your bedroom/cubicle/mom's house/library/skate rink/barber shop/bus stop/or wherever you're jamming your downloaded tunes!

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