Sunday, March 17, 2013


My knowledge about punk/hardcore from Argentina is fairly scant, aside from the Invasion 88 compilation and bands like LOS VIOLADORES and MASSACRE PALESTINA, so when I caught wind of this reissue, I had to check it out. It's so shocking to hear stuff like this and consider that it hasn't gotten a proper release until 2012, because it's so fucking excellent - leagues above most new releases by current bands in my opinion. The guitar lead on "Hijos De Burgueses" puts it in the same camp as "all time best punk songs," much like "Secret Police" by NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, or "Kids of the Black Hole" by ADOLESCENTS, etc...Purists/collectors should still be able to track this EP down somewhere, as it was only released a few months ago. Great melodic punk to kick off the week!


  1. hey, i played lead guitars on that band, thanks for yor comments, !!!

  2. punkore band from rosario- argentina