Sunday, March 3, 2013

HARD-CORE LJUBLJANA LP (with bonus tracks)

I've been listening to a fair amount of punk and hardcore from what was once Yugoslavia lately, so I figured this would be an appropriate collection to share. HARD-CORE LJUBLJANA presents some of the finest hardcore bands from the mid-80's in the biggest city in what is now Slovenia, and is a quintessential compilation of Ex-Yugo hc/punk (alongside the stellar Noč Nad Jugoslavijom tape). 

The comp was originally released in 1986 and features racket from: 

UBR - probably the best known on here, and maybe even the best known Yugo hc band throughout the international hc scene // ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE - blazing, raw, straightforward hc with memorable songs // TOZIBABE - Three-piece, all women, very dark punk band. Their once elusive Dezuje EP has been reissued and is now relatively easy to find, and is one of the most unique and brilliant punk records worldwide! (I cannot resist sharing this must-see TOZIBABE Youtube video) Their tracks on this comp are more on the rudimentary side, but are still invigorating in that "inept + genuine expression" kind of way // EPIDEMIJA - More raging fast and raw hardcore - like a rawer and harsher version of early DC stuff, such as SOA // III. KATEGORIJA - Last but definitely not least, perhaps the strongest material on the comp! Similarly to the previous bands - raw, fast, pounding hardcore with convincing gruff vocals, and moments of attempted melody that never fail to explode into a full-blown hc assault! 

This is ripped from the reissue from the early '00s, which contains a slew of bonus tracks, not included on the original issue (2 from UBR, 2 from ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE, and 5 from III. KATEGORIJA). This is a total no-brainer for international hardcore fiends!

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  1. Excellent. I got this album in the late 1980s and I thought it was fantastic. I loved how raw it was. It reminded me a bit of DEZERTER from Poland and the energy of CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS from Italy (although the last were more sophisticated musicians).