Thursday, March 21, 2013


Such a perfect little split for today's post! I believe the two bands shared a member or two, but MORBID HUMOUR was sadly short-lived. Their material on here is two blended-together tracks of pleading, desperate anarcho-punk, which were also featured on the "Daffodils To the Daffodils Here's the Daffodils" comp LP along with one extra track. Such a shame they didn't do more, as their offering totally wins the split in my book (as does their artwork!) Not-so-fun-fact: according to Ian Glasper's book "The Day the Country Died," the bassist later went to prison for stabbing his girlfriend to death! Yeesh!

The two ANTI-SYSTEM tracks are featured on their debut "No Laughing Matter" LP. They were one of the more ferocious hardcore-styled bands to come out of the early 80's anarcho scene. Completely blazing! It's rare to have such a consistently great split record in which the two bands are so similar in their intention and awesomeness, while being so different in sound, and still serving as a great pair-up. Solid split, and hard to come by.


  1. Great record. The MH songs are brilliant and make one beg for more. There is a solid demo worthy of attention as well. MH's singer, Nogsy, was Anti-System's first singer (the one on the Ep).

    I am currently in the process of reading your blog and I am loving it! I will link it to mine (Terminal Sound Nuisance).



    1. Still got this ep..still brill.