Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I've been having trouble staying on top of this blog lately. I feel like infrequent posts = infrequent visitors, so I'm gonna try and kick it into high gear for the next week, starting with this criminally under appreciated album by JOYCE MCKINNEY EXPERIENCE from the UK. Avid readers of "Music Not Noize" (assuming there are any...) may recall my term for the SOFA HEAD LP I posted a while back - "post-anarcho." This one seems to fit neatly in that category as well, for a lot of the same reasons as SOFA HEAD. JME stands out primarily for their phenomenal dual front-women harmonizing/trade-off vocal dynamic. The multiple front-person vocal thing is usually a bad idea, and is really hard to pull off, and though I never actually saw JME, it really works well on their records. In addition to this LP they released a 7", 12" EP, and some stuff on compilations, but I think this is easily their finest and only essential material. Expect melodic, catchy, smart, gritty, rambunctious punk, fronted by women of course. Released in 1988 by the always reliable Meantime Records.

"Stuck For Words"

To make people change their minds / so they can hold a different view
When someone is ignorant for years / what chance have I of getting through?
No! We cannot tell you what to think / you wouldn't wan that anyway
I'll tell you something you already know / what's the point? We don't know...

So I'm thinking as I'm walking / How axactly to convey 
My opinions and emotions / in an interesting logical way


But are you listening? Do you wanna hear / or is our music just a noise in your ears?
When I shout you just ignore me / but then you cannot understand me!



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  2. Just posted a new link - thanks for the heads up!

  3. Now there's a band I totally forgot about! Thanks