Thursday, March 7, 2013

THEE NODES - October 2011 Demo

Here's a neat little cassette I received for review a little over a year ago. THEE NODES are from Montreal, I believe, and I got a note with this claiming it was the only copy. Probably not the case anymore. Five tracks  of hi-fi snotty punk with really demented vocals. I hate terming things 'KBD' as a style, but this would definitely fall into that category. It seems to have been recorded over some French spoken word thing, which is still evident between the tracks (I made the in-between song stuff their own tracks, in case you're in the mood for just the tunes). Following the 6 catchy punk jams from THEE NODES, the tape also contains 3 tracks of solo work from the vocalist, Mr. Node, complete with a heavy tape hum. 

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