Friday, March 22, 2013

BACTERIA - Cassette

BACTERIA form Portland released this sole cassette sometime in the early 00's. These 10 lovingly-crafted hardcore tunes summon a combination of DEATHREAT, ECONOCHRIST, and POISON IDEA - nuanced by killer unpredictable basslines, breathless negative hollering, overflowing guitars, and a straight-ahead punchy/steady drumbeat. Ready for the "members-of" list? Ok: ILEGAL, BOMBS AWAY, WARCRY, LEBENDEN TOTEN (both of their drummers!), HELLSHOCK, ESTRANGED, etc..
Shouldn't need to say much else, eh? Download and tear up your house. 

I wanted to type out the lyrics to "Bacteria," but I gotta catch the train to Oakland - just check em out on the wonderful scan...

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