Friday, March 15, 2013


Here's one I always wanted to track down, and finally managed to pick up when I was in Berlin last summer.  SOGLIA DEL DOLORE was from Italy (Sicily maybe?) and this is their sole release form 1985. Very interesting and cool anarcho-punk with some experimental elements sprinkled throughout. The fold-out cover clearly indicates inspiration from the CRASS camp from the years just before, and the sounds also reflect the impossible-to-pin-down distinctions common through the early 80's anarcho stuff. Sometimes it's a mess, sometimes it's accidentally tighter, but most importantly it contains the element of punk magic and spirit that can't be faked, positioning this EP among the 80's Italian essentials! 

Sorry, I was too lazy to scan the foldout lyrics/poster, but if anyone is interested, I'll happily add more images!

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