Thursday, February 14, 2013

V/A - Jeszcze Młodsza Generacja LP

Happy Valentine's Day blog trolls. May Cupid pierce you with a love arrow and doom you to a life of the often uncontrollably agonizing roller coaster that is "being in love"
Somewhere along my journey of trying to obtain everything Polish-punk related, I acquired this cool post punk/new wave comp released by the Polish state-owned label Tonpress, from 1986. This thing's got good dance-ability - various dark postpunk/wave sounds on here by bands that maybe didn't release much else - the most well known being KULT, T. LOVE, and AYA R.L. But the NOWA MOWA track alone is worth tracking this comp down for to impress your friends/potential lovers on mix tapes - it's the punkest and catchiest, and could stand up next to early CURE or POLICE at their most upbeat moments. AYA R.L.'s track is also a really strong, comparable to THE CHAMELEONS - a cold, dreamy song driven by a marching snare beat and colored with tempered guitar and dramatic percussion hits. A must for cold/darkwave and postpunk fiends. 

And sorry, I know, my LP photos always look like crap. Computer graphics (or computers in general) are not my forte, and I think that's okay. 

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