Sunday, February 24, 2013

SO MUCH HATE - Blind Alley LP

I may have previously ranted about my love for classic Norwegian hardcore - and this is one of my top, most highly recommended picks! SO MUCH HATE's second LP is brimming with a unique blend of passion and desperation, while retaining the same intensity as many of it's contemporaries from the UK and the rest of Europe. Songs like "Trapped" and "You" are especially galloping, dark and melodic, with moving and  introspective lyrics, while "Perplexed" is impossible to define by genera. The members of the band already had an impressive pedigree having played in such bands as SVART FRAMTID, KAFKA PROSESS, BANNLYST, STENGTE DORER, and PSYKISK TERROR. This LP has a sort of weird recording, but still holds up as one of the best of the era (late80's). SO MUCH HATE wrote some of the best riffs and arrangements to come out of European hc/punk in the 80's, and many of them are right here on this LP. And of course I can't forget to mention Gunnar's incredible, charismatic howling - he's still at it after all these years in a newer band called BONE IDLES. Oh and Børre Løvik (RIP) may be my favorite punk guitarist. Ever. One of the most important and brilliant DIY hc/punk bands to ever come out of Europe. 

Hey you poor little macho / I sure understand your fear
You can't stand the thought of being not so unique and rare / 
So you fill up your body with steroids / Do you think that will make you a man?
Well you missed out one important point
It's not how you look, but the way you stand.
Hey you poor little macho / you sure seem healthy and fit
Swollen like a big balloon / That'll blow by one little prick
I'll might put you a bit put of balance / and see if you stand for a fall
'Cause if you went back where you really belong
You would hardly be able to crawl

Also, check out this amazing live video - fuck all the 2013 poser-pogoing! This is the real thing! Don't let a band's aesthetic determine how you dance, it should be a natural expression! 

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