Thursday, February 21, 2013

V/A - Graffiti LP

A very awesome and obscure gem for y'all today (I'm originally from Texas, so I say y'all a lot). This is the first comp from the first wave of rock/punk/new wave shit from Uruguay from 1985 on the label Orfeo. I was after this one for a long time and finally tracked it down for a fair price a month or so ago, and boy is it a fucking party! Every second of this piece of plastic could get the punks dancing on DJ night. 

It kicks off with a fairly tame, but heavy wave-pop song by ZERO - but their song later on side B, "Soy Escorpion," is clearly the better jam. On to LOS TRAIDORES, who offer a couple great melodic punk songs, clearly influenced by a mix of RAMONES, CURE, and THE POLICE. I believe they are probably the best known band on here, and their Montevideo Agoniza LP is an essential, and sadly rare piece of South American punk perfection. NEOH 23 electrifies us with one quick cold jolter, and one smoother new wave song.  LOS ESTOMAGOS were supposedly Uruguay's most prized post punk band, which is clearly evident on their angular and upbeat track, "Jugaste Sucio" - but then they strip it down to a catchy, straight '77 punk jam on side B with "Campalache." Then -- oh my god -- ADN steals this comp with my new favorite song to dance/ride my bike to on repeat. I MUST have their LP - if anyone has any leads or info, or even a fucking download of this thing, I'll be your best friend! LOS TONTOS only offers up one track of their nice, sparkly melodic punk. Every song on this compilation is catchy and fun, and you'll be hard pressed to find another place to download it anywhere else, so what are you waiting for? 


  1. The original version of Cambalache. Tango is typical music from Argentina.