Friday, February 22, 2013

A. INVAZIJA - Protestas Cassette

Awesome debut of dark hardcore from Lithuania! This is their first demo from 1994. Later they dropped the "A" and just went by INVAZIJA, and released a bunch of stuff through the late '90s-2000. Mainly fast hardcore with lots of effects and - throw WRETCHED, any fine old Finnish hardcore band, and a dash of Eastern Euro flair in a blender, and you've got a noisy weekend ahead of yourself. Ya can't go wrong with some groundbreaking, unique, swirling hardcore from Ex USSR! I don't know much about other hardcore from Lithuania, but I don't imagine there was much hardcore coming out of there before this. I will post more rare stuff from the Baltic countries in the future!

A.INVAZIJA - Protestas

Fun fact: In 1990, Lithuania was the the first Soviet republic to declare independence!


  1. this band is fantastic, very very very strange!!!I like the guitar noise so much!!!!
    Maybe, I´ll click a song tomorrow in the radio.
    Congratulations good blog!!!there are a lot interesting records and tapes from the FAR EAST!!!hahaha!!

    this is our fucking shit radio blog:
    this is our band link:

    cheers from Zaragoza (x-pain) and sorry for my horrible English!!!!


  2. Thanks for noticing this great demo! Checked out your band and radio blog - great stuff! Trade links? I'm adding the rapidoyguarro radio to mine!